As a Man, Can You Relate?

If you’re like me, you want to be a man that lives a life that matters. You want to have impact and establish a legacy as a husband and father, and you want to reach your potential in the priority areas of you life; including your career and business. As you think about your life, you know you haven’t reached your potential as a leader in the home, and you know there is much more in you beyond your current reality. The challenge you face is that you’re struggling releasing your potential and the best of you. You want to – you just don’t know how. You’re looking for a breakthrough and a roadmap to experience God’s best and His plan for your life.

But there’s a roadblock, isn’t there?

The roadblock is a lack of clarity and false self-perception. Every man experiences a lack of clarity. Without clarity, you are unable to operate successfully. Without clarity, you are unable to create a strategy for your life because you don’t know where you are going with your life. If you’re honest with yourself, you must admit that you are plagued with indecision, lack of focus, lack of meaningful relationships, purpose, vision, and mentorship. If you’re honest with yourself, you would agree that you really don’t know what you can do and what you can accomplish. You often settle for mediocrity because you can’t see the forest from the tree – not realizing you are the tree. But your potential is to become the forest. Your inability to think better of yourself and your lack of desire and discipline to improve yourself is keeping you stagnant and complacent.

I’ve been there, too.

My name is Anthony Fisher. And as a husband, father, and business man, I know how difficult life can be at times. I’ve faced many of the challenges you face and I know what it’s like to be unsure if you are making the best decisions for your life while being overwhelmed with confusion, doubt, and frustration. I know what it’s like feeling uncomfortable in your own skin as a husband and father, and how trying to lead your family is a foreign concept producing paralyzing thoughts of indecision, fear, and the possibility of failure. I know exactly how you feel when your desires for improvement and growth outweigh your resources, knowledge and abilities. But here’s the great news. You don’t have to settle for your current reality and your current way of thinking any longer. As a man, there is light at the end of the tunnel and there is hope, identity, and purpose calling for your attention if you allow the gifts of experiences, perspective, patience, and grace to do its work.

But something happened that changed me.

My life changed when I began to: 1. Identify and make priorities for my life. 2. Look back at my life because they provided me insights about who I am, what I’m not, and where I should put my time, resources and energy into.

I began to recognize where my strengths, passions, and underlining desires really lie. I began to see the opportunities for impact and influence I had around me to make change and live life on purpose. I began to recognize that I have a purpose – a purpose appreciated and validated by others, but I also recognized that I am to live life on purpose. I no longer lived by the worlds definition of “the grind”, putting more and more work hours just to purchase things I would never be able to enjoy. I also chose not to solely rely on my formal education and the accomplishment of my degrees. Nor did I expect overnight successes and major breakthroughs based on what television and social media told me. Instead, I began living life by taking incremental steps towards my goals and allowing experience, perspective, faith, a few close friends, patience, and grace to guide my footsteps. When I began living life this way, a new world of opportunity opened up for me. I experienced physical and mental rest. I became fulfilled, happy, and content. I grew spiritually and had peace. My family began to see the change and began to change themselves. I began to see what leadership in the home and outside the home was all about.

I decided to become a Branded Man.

Every man (including yourself) is a brand and has an identity of purpose. A brand identity based upon his strengths, potential, values, convictions, purpose, vision, passions, inspirations, influence, and leadership. Without knowing your purpose and brand identity, you will continue to be lost, confused, frustrated and live a life of mediocrity and hopelessness. Are you ready to take inventory of your life and be accounted for? Are you willing to challenge yourself and be the necessary change for your wife and kids? Are you willing to take ownership of the best and worst of you – yet still move forward? Are you willing to fight for the best things in your life and release the assumptions, false expectations, ego, and self-inflicted pressure you and society put on yourself? Are you ready to become a branded man!

What is a Branded Man?