Embrace your leadership capacity in your home and begin to lead with purpose. Your family needs you more than you realize. It’s time to rise up.

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Are you drifting? How is drifting affecting your family?

As a man, are you winning your family or losing them? Have you captured their hearts? Do they respect you and do you have their best interest in mind? Let's work together to change the tide in your family so you can become the leader and visionary they need.

Coaching Topics of Discussion

"As a husband and father, your wife and children take your lead.
What you say, what you do, how you act and how you think has a direct affect on your family.
Make the decision today to invest in your family because they will invest back into you."

Confront Your Past

Your relationship with your father and mother (or lack thereof) play a role in your ability to lead your family well.

Seeking Role Models

We often do what we see. Let's begin to look at your role models and find new ones (if necessary).

Pride Kills Momemtum

Pride gets in the way of everything we do as men. At times, it can be a good thing, but often it is a silent killer.

Increase Your Knowledge

You will never grow and improve with your current state of knowledge. You must continually invest in yourself and others.

Godly Marriage

What does God say about your wife and your kids? He is the original creator of family in the first place. Alignment is key.

Addictions and Appetites

What's preventing your from leading your family? Strongholds, addictions and appetites often create a divided house.

Take a Time-Out!

Are you grinding in most aspects of your life? Is life suffocating you from experiencing and enjoying the gift of your family. Take a rest!

Faith into Action

Lip service does no one good. Intentional action and consistency goes a long way when establishing a vision for your family.

Cultural and Societal Influences

Society, extended family, work environment, news, social media and friends influence you. What are you digesting and what do you need to release?

Perceptions and Attitudes

How we think about ourselves is often how we think about others. Your perceptions and attitudes play a significant role if you want to lead well.

One-on-One Date Nights

Creating a vision for your family begins with spending time with your loved ones. Capture their hearts and they will follow.

Create your Vision Exercises

Combine all that you've learned in our coaching sessions and begin creating a strategy and roadmap; including a vision statement for your family.


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