Scripture Focus: Philippians 4:1-20 (NKJV)

What I want to talk to you today is about reconciliation, anxiety and peace, spiritual warfare and our posture towards God.

Even as believers in the body of Jesus Christ, there will be conflict, disagreements, different perspectives and ideations that we will not understand, different interpretations on certain issues. We will not always agree on everything just because we are Christians. There are various dynamics that often cause us to look at life, people and situations that cause us to respond and act a certain way based on our nature and nurture experiences and worldview. Christians like you and I are just like the Christians in the early church. We are imperfect human beings. But that doesn’t mean we have the right or authority to continue to live in a spirit of individualism and in an environment of separation and disunity.

Paul implores us to resolve our issues by giving our issues to Jesus Christ which comes by prayer and allowing God’s spirit to move in our lives. Jesus Christ desires reconciliation in our life. We must remember that one of the chief aims of Jesus Christ coming to earth was to die for us and be resurrected so that we can be reconciled with Him and the Father.

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