Scripture Focus: Joshua 1

Today, I want to spend some time talking to you about a man in the bible we know as Joshua. Joshua was quite a unique individual. He had a special quality about him that made him God’s chosen man to carry the servant-leader and spiritual mantle of Moses into the Promised Land.

There are 5 themes in the life of Joshua that we are going to explore.

  1. That God desires you to dominate a territory. He intends for you to fulfill His purpose for your life and live your calling
  2. In order for you to claim your territory you must make preparations. God will always prepare you for your purpose and calling
  3. In God’s economy, you will have wilderness experiences before God releases you into his ultimate purpose for your life
  4. In order to reach the destination that God has established for you, you will experience opposition along the way. You must make up your mind and choose who you will serve throughout your journey towards destiny
  5. When God is with you your reputation will precede before you

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