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Meet Anthony Fisher

photo of Anthony Fisher


Anthony L. Fisher is a multi-faceted and gifted personal brand coach, life coach, speaker, author, trainer and designer. His desire is to see men and women reach their full potential by becoming influential leaders and champions at home, work and in their entrepreneurial endeavors. He’s also the creator of Branding Men, where his teachings and online courses have transformed the way men go about living out their potential and becoming champions in life. In the last decade, Anthony has become an admired coach and speaker; empowering men and women to step into their greatness by recognizing their authentic brand and pursuing their dreams and living out God's call on their life.

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There comes a point in time in every persons life where they must decide on the type of person they want to be. They must decide how they will live their life and in the manner in which they will do so. They must understand why they exist and their purpose on earth. Ultimately, they must understand who they are and how they are going to share their life for the benefit of themselves, their family, their work, their relationships, their community, and ultimately, for their legacy. Thy must answer the questions... Who am I? Where do I belong in life... and How can I reach my maximum potential?


  • “Anthony brought the highest level of professionalism and is a true example of peaceful leadership. His strength, grounded in his Faith, is beyond admirable. Anyone who has the opportunity of working with Anthony should consider themselves fortunate to have exposure to such a fine example of how to share respect with your colleagues and how to navigate unfamiliar waters like the Captain of a ship."
    Yvette Minor
  • “Anthony Fisher is a great man. He is an extremely valuable advisor to me, my companies and my personal life. Anthony is not shallow, and his advice is thoughtful and relevant. In two years, he has not been flippant or shallow in his approach to advisor to me. Anthony Fisher has got it right. He sees greatness in me and I am sure in his other clients. I look forward to having him as a consultant and friend for the rest of my life.”
    Lonnie Lassiter
  • “Anthony is one of the most fascinating people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.  He LISTENS to everything you voice with a unique serenity, discusses the concepts and ideas that he envisions, and works WITH you to ensure your own satisfaction with the final results.  He is gifted at seeing things from an angle others don’t, recognizing the branding benefits that escape most executive branders, and implementing them in a gentle manner that provides ease and comfort.  I couldn’t put an actual price tag on his skills in branding…whatever it would be, his value would exceed it.”
    Jimmy Leo
  • “Working with Anthony has been an eye-opening experience to say the least. He has a unique approach of delving into the root of “who you are” then helping you to apply those attributes to every aspect of your life. Anthony forces you to really reflect deeply on what makes you “you” and recognize the reoccurring themes that your life encounters. Through his guidance and personal self reflection I received the tool-kit to help me live a purpose-driven life.”
    Britney Inez Rand
  • “I must take my hat off to you Anthony, you have a brilliant web site and great idea’s on developing people’s skill’s and a way forward for them to achieve their goals’ in life…. It’s a real shame you are not in England UK, “YOU” would do well with the business community. Thank you for showing me the way forward with just a few simple words – you have made my day.”
  • “I can recall the first time I met Anthony; I was highly impressed by his level of excitement for life. Anthony sees opportunities in life’s challenges and pursues change with zeal. He has a very creative mind and routinely turns simple concepts, ideas, or presentations into something special. Anthony’s creative portfolio speaks volumes to who he is as a person. He is a man with many talents: creative designer, leadership coach, mentor and inspirational speaker. Anthony believes in being straightforward and speaks the truth with kindness. When engaged in business endeavors, he shares what is important to the matter and seeks opportunities for mutual gains.”
    Gaynell Vanderslice
  • "When we first met, I was extremely impressed with not only your work, but the passion for your work. It’s evident that you truly support and believe in the passions of others, and it is evident in every detail of your work. Not only would I recommend you for your creative design work, but I would also recommend you as a speaker or presenter at any meeting or event.”
    Gwen Thibeaux
  • "Anthony there are so many men that need to experience your ministry, mission and personal/professional development coaching. It's such a blessing to know it's available!"
    Theresa Key
  • "Anthony gets it! He has cut to the heart of the matter in every man's life. The Branding Men training course will both enlighten and empower any man who endeavors to reach his full potential, or is simply struggling with finding his purpose in life. The course is comprehensive, engaging, and thought-provoking; and Anthony is insightful, relatable, and a worthy guide on this journey of discovering God's plan for men's lives. Anthony has a genuine burden to see men fulfill their God-given purpose and potential... I highly recommend the Branding Men training course!"
    Erik Sahakian
  • "Anthony Fisher has decided to attack one of the worse epidemics in our culture today; the disintegration of what it means to be a man. The lack of good fathers, husbands and leaders by men would be the key element in turning our world right-side up. Thanks Anthony for answering the call!"
    Jeff Whye
  • Anthony Fisher has done it again!  He has taken his talents to an elevated level and has developed a course to us along for the journey.  Let me begin to say, this course is NOT just for “men”.  Anthony has put together a comprehensive course to help look within to find and or develop our own gifts and talents and how to discover what we’re called to do.  The tools outlined inspire us to clear out some personal time to focus on our own passions which reveal our purpose and ultimately elevate us to our potential!
    Chendia Sharp
  • “Anthony Fisher has taken on the gargantuan task of helping men uncover and discover who they are and why they are. He has left no stone unturned in sharing his arsenal of resources, knowledge and insights towards living a life of precise purpose and intentionality. If you are truly ready to become a student of you and begin the journey of unlocking your potential, your dreams, your influence and your purpose, you will want to tap into the deep well of all that Anthony has to offer!”
    Terikka Faciane
  • First of all, let me say that your course Branding Men is one of the most eye opening learning experiences I have had with so much information regarding the topics that are specifically aimed at men. It seemed as if you had me in your mind and that you were speaking directly to me in some of the areas that I had been already pondering. I can say that the insights you shared on men being handprints put on this earth to solved problems and create solutions was confirmation of my own thoughts about being a producer and not just a consumer in this life.
    Devin Stubblefield
  • “Without an Anthony Fisher in this world I think we would all just get by but if you ever talk to A. Fisher but for a few minutes you will certainly agree that his inspiration and passion is something he literally breathes. It’s a no brainier not to use this guys as a life coach. He will change it. I put my stamp on it”
    Chad Pennington
  • “Anthony understands how to tell the story behind the brand and how to communicate the vision of the client.”